Thursday, February 5, 2009

central falls a failed city

Central falls has become a totally autocratic city.Mr mayor Moreau is chief police officer, super Chief fire officer ,Chief zoning official, chief planning director.Chief prison director,Chief policy maker and interpreter.

For a failed city it is quite a charm.

  1. City has no money to pay for its students education State foots the bill in its arrogance it has not even kept up the infrastructure of buildings which is its responsibility and it costs only 5% of the total cost.No school has been built and the only middle school and high school are overcrowded ,outdated and need to upgrade .For lack of vision and Common community agenda has hurt its citizens.Many building in town had become available but city had n vision to improve infrastructure of schools .Mayor is happy as long as state foots the bill.Many citizens in town are immigrants and can be easily intimidated or influenced by system.

  2. City has boarded up 200 +housing units at cost of ten thousand dollars each for just being foreclosed by banks.Each of unit is adding $10000 cost to its existing cost structure in poorest town in the country Is mayors brother (MGM) and allies the only company boarding on behalf of city going to buy these homes for the money owed for boarding fees in town .Watch out if Navigant and any other in-town credit unions are making it possible to finance these transactions

  3. Mayor has boarded the foreclosed homes on the day of foreclosure when no property damage has occurred .Any realtor will tell you boarded up properties reduce value if Boarding up homes will reduce danger to fireman why not board up city hall and mayors home.Fire dept is not to reduce harm to fireman.Yes that also only to the degree public good may allow.For sure if we did not drive we would not have any auto accidents.Problems of squatters if any are law enforcement problems.If not controlled can be safety problems .How come poorest city with failing enterprise its prison .has the most draconian methods to tackle its mundane problems Did we choose dictator .Throw the inefficient and arbitrary leaders who have no interest in cost and are on bandwagon to say no cost to tax payers and city is being bought for cheep by crooks.

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