Thursday, February 5, 2009

India an important ally for Afganistan

India built an important road in Afghanistan and opened alternate root to the world via Iran.It will improve trade between India ,Iran,Afghanistan .This process is win win. if Pakistan plays, its cards well, it can even marginalise Taliban in Pakistan by removing their importance to root through Pakistan.Trade to Pakistan can also improve through indirect Chanel's When direct trade links are formed they will help all the parties.As Pakistan looses its importance for trade in Afghanistan , it may be forced to think improving trade with India .That will reduce its costs and benefits will come to its citizens.
Us should look at this as plus for Afghanistan.If materials can come via Iran and Pakistan it is better for Afghanistan.lesser pressure on the air cargo.

America should build strong air fields in India to supply Afghanistan.Better roads to these fields will help improve shipping.

India should buy several container ships at this time to reduce cost of shipping to Europe and united states and other ports of businesses. Need to develop several container ports

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