Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 A thought

9/11 impacted me on a visceral level.Till then i believed in many shades of grey. Now i think that their is something called absolute evil .Some evil can not be reconciled with and that makes me sad for this change in me.
Any body possessing absolute truth can be a tool for absolute evil.
Mutual acceptance and understanding in others belief and view can only help us create peace.
Science has liberated us from lot of dogma ,now is the time that we bring this understanding to higher level.America and India are experiments in this field.China with its state capitalism is challenging this system.Many of the Islamic majority countries are finding hard to make peace with it.The rulers want to keep their advantage.If ordinary people do not progress we will continue to be troubled by the problems.Americas democracy have survived many a crisis before and India is creating institutions and systems (albeit slowly) to create a society to handle problems while we keep human dignity intact.

America has elected Barack Hussein Obama who had a Muslim father and a step father.His christian grand parents raised him.
Does it tell us something about America ,him , his family .Yes for sure and similar stories are in India also.
I do not understand how India has failed to develop relations with America while China and Pakistan has been successful though with different results.China has done great progress in economical terms and has failed in human terms.Pakistan with its kleptocracy , military rule,feudal, tribal system , has been hampered by religious orthodoxy.Country is backward and divided with women and minorities suffering tremendously.
For the regions of south Asia to progress they need at the minimum a free trade zone from middle east to eastern Asia. US can play a role in it .Improved trade will make them interdependent and less likely to start war.

It is important that India and USA become better allies for mutual benefit as well as for the good of mankind.