Thursday, September 10, 2009

about permanent make up

You may wonder why i am blogging about make up .Simple it left an impression on me .This woman customer of mine in a conversation mentioned about her business which is permanent make up .
What does that mean .Makeup which does not smudge,eye liners which do not run eyebrows which do not need to be made up. This woman must be around 60 and i was surprised when she told me she had no make up.Other than permanent makeup she had. Always applied lipstick . Reintroduction of color in cheeks .

It is funny me talking with a stranger about make up and looking at their face for it.
She was nurse who had worked with plastic surgeons before and was a beauty expert. Really a nice integration of tattooing and makeup.
When she comes back i will ask her about some BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES . Her name is Jody Cowdin a master practitioner in the art of permanent makeup.

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