Thursday, September 24, 2009

In defense of USA( note to a friend)

Having lived and studied the America and its systems.One has to admire its constitution.Free and universal education till grade 12.By the way average expenses of this education is ten thousand dollars per year.Education and laws to protect and give opportunities to handy capped people.

System which takes care of its problems.While Khaddafi and Fidel are still in power America has had 10 president in the meantime.Wisdom of its systems makes up for individual drawbacks while even Russia finds it tough to retire Putin.

World has many things to learn from older societies but America the experiment in democracy is a wonderful experiment still being explored.Newer democracies can learn from this experiment without doing all the mistakes.Two things come to mind Forming a upper house on similar basis as senate in US.Restricting candidates to represent their residency with local residency requirement.This will eliminate some people running from more than one constituency.

The US constitution prohibits government to make any laws regrading religion.US government has no power to ban a book.When you read that a book was banned somewhere in America.It is individual library chose to ban it it without any real effect.
Many times we have not treated our own citizens fairly but all those faults still leaves me hopeful.Finally it is truly an international nation.

According to Tocqueville In 1835 USA and Russia were similar countries and it is the freedoms of America and character of its people(Not race) is responsible for making a breed of autonomous people.

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