Sunday, October 25, 2009

Children in china told to salute cars,NEW YORK TIMES

Published: October 25, 2009 New York Times.
All the children are required to salute all cars to teach them courtesy and respect in order to reduce accidents.

We solved this problem in a different way.Car drivers are responsible for making sure that pedestrians rights are honored.Traffic from all directions should be stopped for a stopped school bus. Speed limit is reduced near all schools during the hours school start and end.

I remember in hills of Himachal all trains could be stopped by children by just raising their hands from the side of tracks to allow them to travel to school.Most of the trains are free for students to go to school.School transportation in public and private schools is free in America.

Once when new in America i was getting a ride by a worker from a mill in South Carolina to the airport to go to Charlotte NC(I had a company car but yet did not have a license to drive).To my surprise i was told by this man that he had never traveled by any other mode than family car and a school bus.It amused me that this man in rich country had never taken a bus, train or aeroplane this was in 1974 or so.

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