Monday, October 26, 2009

Chinese Longjian road and bridge company has many allies

Chinese Longjian bridge and road company has many allies in Himachal Pradesh.It was awarded a contract to build a hill area road which can improve transportation of cash crop of apples in the state.

Most of the 25000 Chinese workers have been working on business Visa in India .India has a large pool of skilled workers who should benefit from this development by employment.India now has started asserting itself and want to issue work Visa to people who may need to work in India for the specialty of the skills they bring.It should also be noted training Indian workers should also be part of the contracts with foreign contractors.

State as well as farmers and other people of the region are interested in having this road completed quickly.I am sure Indian federal government is also interested in getting it done and help the contractors finish their jobs as they were procured by open and fair bidding process.

India should issue work visa to ten essential workers(specialists and managers) as has been also recommended by the state on priority basis.

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