Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Demystifyng India lecture by Gururaj Deshpande

Today there is lecture part of demystifyng India Honors colloquium At URI. Speaker is Gururaj Deshpande an entrepreneur and scientist, who founded Sycamore networks. He was considered to be the richest Indian in America for the valuation of his shares at one time to be around 3 billion dollars.

He has helped to start an entrepreneur center at MIT .His many ventures show that he is entrepreneur to the core.It is rumored that his next venture is better battery.

Questions for him

How URI can be helpful in the community entrepreneurship and its desire to be part of thinking and doing big things.

Why the events at MIT entrepreneur center are not open to public and web cast.

What are the fields he thinks will have or are in need of greatest innovation.In sciences or society.

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