Saturday, October 24, 2009

Drum beaters In JAMMU same as Town Criers of America of past .

Drum beaters went around the city of Jammu announcing orders of Chief judicial magistrate about certain people to appear in front of the court or the special investigating team .It must have been unusual circumstance for the court to adopt such a method.I am not a sociologist or an anthropologist to understand all the effects of such an activity.Is it common in Srinagar? do they do the same thing for people wanted in terrorist infected areas or it is weapon for harassing ordinary citizens.

Many questions come to mind.

My understanding is that seldom orders of the court have been delivered with town criers in recent times.Is it another weapon in the armoury of state.Town criers normally inform about events,meetings,weddings in the town .announcements of auctions have also been done in such a manner.If you have any ideas please share. It was a news item in The Tribune paper in section covering Kashmir.

In the paper i also noticed how all the important posts in the state are being filled by people from Kashmir not Jammu.It is doubly suspect as many of the Pandits who have become internally displaced people in Kashmir live in Jammu.This continuously keeps the wounds raw .When not enough attention is paid to the sensitivities of the minorities in this case Hindu's of Jammu and Kashmir, atmosphere of distrust develops which is bad for the community as well as national harmony.

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