Friday, October 23, 2009

Gentler experience of Subhash Chander.

Subhash Chander who is vice principal of Deering middle school in Rhode Island narrated his experience of yesterday about a very petite sixth grader female student.
The story goes ; this woman child was overburdened by her many books of study.I always feel sorry for young kids carrying 50 or more pounds of books when they themselves do not weigh much more than that. Sometimes they do not have right type of book bag with wheels to help them and some schools do not allow them to use those because excessive crowding in middle schools.School departments in their desire to teach independence and responsibility ask these kids to carry all their books and materials from class to class starting in the sixth grade, the first year of the middle school.For many of these children their bodies have not yet started transforming into adulthood and it is a great burden.You add the problems of inadequacy attached with puberty ,combined with new school environment these present quite a challenge.

(I am of the opinion that their should not be middle school and schools should be divided into age groups from 3 to 8 ,8 to 14, and 14 to 18 and then special protection for youth till 21 and hopefully all older should be treated as autonomous adults.)

Back to the story this girl came to Subhash in lunch room and pleaded that could he help her with her books.Subhash was really impressed by courage of this child to ask for help when norm may be against it.What a strength even in weakness.Subhash looking at this child with eyes wet with joy gladly helped.She thanked him and this would have been a nice story.The dignity of this child is that at end of the day she went to him in his office and gratefully said " thank you Mr Chander I owe you big time for your help."

It left all of us wet eyed and proud of this child and thankful that Subhash has chosen to be administrator in a middle school and he goes out of his way to bring comfort to these Extraordinary children who keep me always hopeful of our future. The world is better for the presence of such kids and their custodians.


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