Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Double slashes // web and some calculations

A blog of conversations with one of the original web developer MIT Professor Tim Berners-Lee in NYT tells about having double slashes "//" in the web address .He regretted for having them there.If they were not there a lot of trees and ink and machines and human time could have been saved .
One wise guy( named John in comments in times article ) decided to calculate number of trees saved by such a change.After having unscientific guesstimation he came to the conclusion total amount of paper( proxy for trees) saved can be grown in six tenth of an acre of land.Even if modified these assumptions by a factor of 20 would still amount to only 12 acres.
John wanted Professor to rest in peace and suggested that if he used Soy protein instead of beef he could save enough trees to offset this harm all by himself.
Saving trees,living lightly and becoming Vegetarian are all connected .Thanks John for making such a unusual connection.

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