Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RHODE ISLAND Race for Governor & my suggestion.

We have three prominent politicians running for the job of governor in RI. There is good chance that a fourth republican candidate will join in.

It will be a democratic primary where Caprio and Lynch will bloody each other and then square off against republican and ex republican Chaffee. It will be an expensive and bloody battle for democrats in the present scenario.

Lincoln Chaffee may be lucky as he will have to only keep his name in front of the voters and watch this cycle other people get bloodied up and get ready for the final bout.Win or loose it would be lesser taxing for him.

A suggestion to all the leaders hoping to run the state in near future.

Please create 100 high school and college political internships in your campaigns.
half women and half men two from each high school in Rhode island.In addition six from URI,4 Johnson and Wales ,RIC,CCRI,Bryant University, Roger Williams, Salve Regina and Brown .Additional internships from law and medical schools, Naval war college .
These should be paid internships for summer and fall 2010.These 150 internships at a cost of $1500 per candidate will cost $225000.

That is the cost of one of your expensive consultant and will provide 30000 hours of helpful resource for the campaigns.It will also be a learning and earning resource for our youth.

If all the three candidates for the Governor undertook such a plan we will provide employment to 450 youth .They will also get lessons in politics as part of being an active citizen.

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