Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jammu & Kashmir,make three independent districts for development

Jammu & Kashmir has had many problems some are created by outsiders and some are systematic and concerning inter community relations.

India is working at many fronts and it has paid dearly in treasure and blood. Sometimes results are not that clear. Any body living can see advantages of being part of multicultural multi ethnic India outweigh any disadvantages it may have. Actually a free trade zone for the region encompassing south Asia to middle east might be much more helpful for the region and its people. America should use its influence for such a goal .In real political and economic terms best help to the people of this region can be creation of such a zone.NATO will save much more wealth and blood and resources may be used for trade and development.
State of Jammu and Kashmir has three different characters with distinct populations Jammu being Hindu majority ,Srinagar Muslim majority and Ladhakh Budhist majority.
All these regions should be divide into three separate political and economical regions for more local controlled and responsive government.Such a plan will empower minorities of this state and help development as it did for Haryana.

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