Friday, October 16, 2009

China Flexing muscles and trying to bully India.

China has taken a stance to use its military and economic power to challenge and check growth of India in the international as well as in development field.It has become a 800 pound gorilla and want to prove that do not mess with it and do not challenge its domain or it can pounce on any challenger.
China with its state capitalism has benefited from democracy and multi voiced nations like America and India in trade .China has become number one trading partner with both. It is sad that they are showing disregard for America in order to check India . This is a bad battle .In realty china does not want to fight America they just want to check it. Keep low level tension with all the competitors and adversaries .Such a plan undermines human rights and is promoting Han Supremacy in china and abroad. It is very racist in its structures and methods. All the minorities continue to be marginalised in China and become minorities even in their home lands.
They do not understand the nations like USA and India can not control its public opinion like the Chinese communists can.Hence they may agree to a policy for a while but ideas win out and freedom has a better place in dialogue.None of the leaders in democracy can impose their will they have to build consensus and it is in diverse societies very hard.

China has very close relationship with USA and for to raise alarm about closer India USA relationship does not make any sense.India only want to have same level of trade and bilateral relationships as China enjoys with America.Political structures and language makes it easier for Indian people and people of America develop ties .Promotion of democracy is on the American agenda and it is about time that this be rewarded by better trade relations so that other developing nations may follow the lead of democracy .World can not afford to make the Chinese political system as its role model in spite of its economic success.

In my opinion this trade between communist China and west has been aberration.United states helped China with the hope that more trade will open the Chinese system ,make it pluralistic and democratic. So far the results are in the negative.State capitalism of China has helped it to develop at the cost of freedom and democracy loving people of the world.Sadly ,It is being reported that even Russia is thinking of following Chinese communist party model for development and party politic.

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