Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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Here is what i commented on Farzana's blog criticising Venket and Saramago two Nobel Laureate.

love your attack on nobel's.
They may not be deserving attack for sure they need more exposure by ordinary (may be not so ordinary )writers.
Saramago makes sense, sometimes . These atheist thinkers and writers make more sense when they are discussing spritual and religous issues.
Saul Bellow declared in Ravelstein that all professors( by proxy serious thinkers )are atheist .I add that they are trying to become theist and religion does not allow them to do so .They end up discussing futility of practiced religion and its follies and end up promoting Saul Bellow's views of them.
I can only label you troublemaker and rebel rouse.
Keep on picking on nobel's or almost Nobel's.You will at least be picking on so called powerful. Gandhi will fall in that category and i could write a critic on his biography,i am re reading it these days.Is he not the holiest of holy cows.

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