Monday, October 12, 2009

A host committee

It is challenge for all non profits to use their building in a productive manner.Many churches run day care centers,senior services or schools to fulfil such a mandate.I have been thinking to improve use of the India Museum building in the federal hill section of Providence RI.
The idea came from the story of a Dr Brian Kasey a single person who is president of De Paus university near Indianapolis.As a fancy house came with the job and Dr Kasey having lived in a apartment most of his life and not really fond of cooking solved the problem of managing guests and entertainment by taking help of students and making them hosts of the house and its events.
Using what Dr Kasey did i think we should appoint a team of hosts for India Museum whose job is to plan ,organise and host events at the museum.
In this group could be several ladies ,college and university students,musicians and artists . Any suggestions are welcome.
This whole thing will come out like a great idea if new york times wrote about it and i had trustees to help .The saying goes a little ingenuity(even borrowed) can go a long way when mixed with hard work and some helping hands.

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