Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kerry Lugar bill for aid to Pakistan development.

Pakistanis blame us for mismanagement of funds given to Gen Musharraf in last 8 years.Which has been by some estimates 30 billion dollars.Pakistan has not much to show for it.Its citizenry is hurting.Education has gone backwards.Family sizes have become too large for the nation .Women education has been hampered.Health care is non existent.Military takes most of the money.China plays its anti India card and keeps Pakistanis hooked and obligated for nuclear weapons technology.

Pakistan by failing to develop trade with India hurts its own people who could benefit most because of proximity,language and culture.China trade is all in the hand of Han and bordering areas in the region in china are other than Han.So lack of confidence and all trade through state agencies does not develop confidence of the traders informal network of trust.

Now Kerry Lugar bill has provisions that no funds may be siphoned of from this aid package.This means Military could not control it and use.This bill also tries to ensure civilian control of armed forces .Pakistan Military has never accepted that and is miffed at it.So is this all noise .Zardari is not the ideal leader ,but with the checks of military he can be controlled from making Pakistan his fiefdom
Pakistani Military still gets paid by us exorbitant prices for transshipment of materials which it only hinders.these payments are in billions of dollars yearly.

Pakistan has become true Kleptocracy and like some American reporter was telling that you can get grab bags of American shipping containers full of stuff for $5000 in Afghanistan .what it has become its worst than hijacking of cigarettes by Mafia used to be.In AF PAK theater its not the stuff which fell of the trucks but it is trucks full of stuff what is the norm.

Now the Military is complaining as Obama is not willing to buy their Bologna.we need to insist our fiscal controls for the aid and our agencies giving aid in our name so that goodwill may be created for our nation in average Pakistanis mind.They want to have Jihadi (ISI) supported charities to give aid and give America the bad name for all the ills of Pakistan.
We did some errors ,yes but we are not responsible for systemic failure of Pakistani society.If they have become helpless because of our help we will have to wein them away.Internal reforms and humanrights would be the first place e for us to start.
India has played the most development role in Afghanistan and India -pak cooperation and trade may help Pakistan benefit from a orgressive India.
Demilitarised Kashmir would be best for the continent.
Development of a direct road to Afghanistan from Kashmir may be other of the development project UN should under take.

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