Friday, October 9, 2009

How I influenced namimg of two children Jimmy and Hillary

Some times we can be influenced by the charm of certain individuals in power.I admired Jimmy Carter for his home grown honesty and simplicity.I even liked when he said we should reduce use of oil and lower thermostats to 67 degree.

A child of a distant relative was to be born in late 1970s in Jullundhur Punjab where my parents lived .They were thinking of the name for the child i mentioned Jimmy so i found out many years later that a child was named Jimmy and now lives in Canada.This Child must be 30 years old now.

The other child i am thinking was born to a young Spanish girl Sonia who was married(or engaged )to Omar of Omar and Oscar jewelry. She was good in English so i always talked with her when i went to them to purchase ,repair or other transactions in jewelery.Bill Clinton was just elected as president.We were quite impressed by Hillary so it made the impression on her prompting her to name her daughter Hillary.

I am finding names are acquiring a special place.My niece is Twinkle .My brother in law does not use last name though belong to high Brahmin's class.Many people in India have named their children Lenin,Stalin,et al.

I had a classmate whose name was Amrik Singh named for some distant cousin who had gone to America,I bet they would be surprised to know America itself was named after an Italian map maker.
My cousins in Chandigarh have given their children Islamic names i am sure to honor the desires of my uncle who is now 82 and who grew up in Lahore(now in Pakistan) among many Muslim friends before the partition.They are named KUDRAT,PARVEZ,SAHER,SAMRA,AFREEN ,FIZA.These kids are children of my four cousins.
I hear since Parvez Musharraf is in trouble in Pakistan the child named Parvez has been trying to change his name.
Oh yes I miss my friend Amrik and Shamu for being nice to me and being part of my adolescent days.Amrik used to work so he would always pay for tea and cigarettes .That was height of our drugs and mischief. We surely lived in simpler times.

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