Friday, October 2, 2009

How cliquish we can get

Just last week Thomas, my friend told me the story about his Italian grand mother.That lovely old lady loved all the children.She spoke some English and loved conversing in Italian.One wish she had ,that all her relatives married an Italian.

So while growing up Thomas used to tease her that he was dating a french girl,she would make some derogatory remarks about that and plead and cajole him to go out with some nice Italian Girl.Other time he would make up stories(i think he made this up for me) that he was dating a Jewish Girl.That made his staunch Catholic(church going) grand mother upset.

One day he met a very nice Italian girl and was excited and went and told her that he is going out with this gorgeous Italian girl .He was hoping she would be excited and happy.No! grandma asked where is she from in Italy.He said Cicily.Grand ma was very disappointed and did not approve as the people of that region were meanest in the world. She was more mad than when he told her he was going out with french or Jewish girls.

What is the moral of the story.

Grand ma did not get over her childhood impressions.
We always want to deal with people whose history we know.
Thanks to America we have so many nationalities in our small town.
I am glad Thomas is my friend.(I have to be nice to him he brings lot of clothes for cleaning to the store i work at).

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