Saturday, October 3, 2009

Being mindful costs more but should not make us broke.

I was listening NPR report concerning effect of Wind turbines on migrating bats of Canada.

The story is very interesting.These Wind Turbines are supposed to be latest incarnations of environmental friendly carbon neutral power generation.A full cost benefit can tell us real benefits of the technology.I am convinced that in certain high wind corridor it can be3 part of the solution.

The problem is that these turbines fall in the migratory path of these bats on their winter vacation to Mexico.( i am jealous ). Many of the bats die if they come near these wind turbines.Unlike migratory birds these bats do not have great lung capacity and near the turbine the air pressure is low and their lungs can not adjust enough and blood comes into them from the blood vessels in the lungs and kill them.
sadly they die without even coming in contact with these turbines.
These are no rare or protected bats .should they be considered casualties of clean electric. Not so quick .Today their are many among us who do not accept that innocent creatures should die for our sloppiness.That i call being mindful.

Solution seems to be either finding ways to warn the bats ,do not have the turbines in the migratory path,or shut down the turbines in the migration season.

The solution should not leave us broke or without the benefit of the wind power.
Creation of sonic devices to warn the bats have not been successful so far ,scientists are still experimenting with different wave lengths of sound and light.

Many of the wind turbines have already been installed so moving them is not an attractive option.

Solution is partially shutting down the turbines .It has been found that when turbines are turning at high speed bats stay away so it is being studied to shut down the turbines when their is little wind at night time.As not much electricity is produced when turbines are turning slowly.So at minimal costs in the migration season we can save bats.

Moral of the story is that mindfulness will cost a little more but should not leave us broke.It is a middle path (as Dalai Lama) has promoted let the bats live and we find new renewable sources of energy.Ahimsa(non violence) as Gandhi would have practiced.

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