Saturday, October 3, 2009

Afghanistan Development , India ,Pakistan and USA

India has played a positive role in development of Afghanistan.I am not talking about militarily. In terms of delivery of services, role of India has been nothing less than highly commendable.On the other hand Pakistan has hindered the developments by prohibiting shipment of goods and services badly needed for the development projects.While America struggles with very long and troublesome route from Karachi to Kabul via Khyber Pass, which is filled with terrorist and lackeys of ISI and other Taliban sympathizers who hijack and hinder this most needed service.

America has opened a northern route which has its own problems as cooperation and help of Russia is needed for that .Russia is more help at this time as they feel it is in their interest as they do not want Taliban and Qaeda in their neighborhood.
Afghanistan need all the routes to trade with its neighbors.

Pakistan is missing this opportunity by Focusing on anti India rhetoric and planning only in military terms.In the process It has hurt its people and relations with neighbors .China by supplying nuclear technology and many weapons has given confidence to Pakistani Military and political leadership to become obstinate at the negative effect on its people. American financial support allowed Pakistan to pursue this course at great disadvantage to its citizens.

Pakistan and India has much more in common than just borders.They have thousands of years of history,language,culture and tradition to remove any disagreements they might have.America should have clear cut development strategy to help Pakistan India business and trade to develop so that We can be success in Afghanistan.

India's contribution to Afghanistan development in recent years.

India developed and built a road connecting southern Afghanistan to Iranian Border giving an additional route for Afghan nation to connect with the world.This route is a shorter and with lessor trouble than Karachi route for Afghanistan to trade.On the Iranian side they railways directly to the border with Afghanistan.Now the only ground route to India via Lahore Pakistan is the only economical route not being exploited for development.Let us not forget that Afghan and India are only few hundred mile by Air. Pakistan should not be allowed to veto this trade route particularly when we are funding its survival and they thumb their noses at us and treat us as some sort of Panzies.

India is getting respect in Afganistan for its building of schools,hospitals roads and now the latest part had been building of Power transmission line from northern border.India had provided education and health care to many Afghan citizens while Pakistan has only played havock with their lives by supporting terrorists.

It is very important that civil society of Pakistan be helped by our people on the ground so that our resources do not help our enemies to make us look bad.Economic conditions and the life of women ,children,families can be improved by improved relations with India,Afganistan,Iran and others.
America can not be provider of all services .It can only be catalyst for development.Very important catalyst in deed.

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