Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Today at URI demystifyng India symposium subject is what Gandhi would globalise

As the part of Symposium demystifying India there is very interesting lecture at URI.The topic is what Gandhi would Globalise .Quite an interesting topic taken at the URI where several teachers and students are foreign born.

URI(university of Rhode island) is a state university with about 15000 students.Being state supported it play es very important role in educating the youth and adults alike.
In true sense as any great university should aspire its Graduate symposium handles with one important topic in the life of community .This fall they have chosen Demystifyng India.
Nice thing about it is that in 20 or so workshops and lectures a variety of subjects with differing point of views can be handled.This vast lecture series can create a wholesome view of the complicated subject we are handling.
I have attended 3 lectures ,they all were very informative.Looking forward to today's lecture.I have an additional benefit i get company of my daughter Sabrina who is a Junior at URI to attend the lectures.
These lectures are web cast and are free to the public .

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