Friday, November 27, 2009

China is role model in experimentation in land reclamation and other systems

China at times considered the worst of capitalist systems has freed its country from regulations, where they can experiment with innovative ideas and systems.Its communist system has given it opportunity to do it on an accelerated fashion.Similar projects in India , America and western Europe would have taken years to plan.In China they can see the results of some of these projects show benefits in less than ten years from thinking stage.

Some of the credible work they have done involves in Changing hilly baron areas by terracing the slopes and build lakes at the bottom . this has created green hills and slowed the water flooding down the lower area.Reducing land erosion.Slow movement of rain water which is the best way to harvest water has made the land fertile. It has created better environment for the wild life and native species of plants are also prospering in this environment.Hydro power is becoming more reliable and reducing the use of oil, gas or coal has made it more friendly and has saved much needed revenue. Creating living soil absorbs carbon may be if scale this process may be we will not worry about carbon in the air .Our replanted wild and terraced farming in the hills can support much higher number of people at lower hydro carbon (oil)need.

It is time that we learn from the Chinese and American experiment and avoid the automobile industry for the masses.More advanced public mass transportation can serve India well .Smaller land mass .Higher population density can help it to develop efficient infrastructure.Cities built vertical can better use of water , sewage and more centralised power generation.This can help to bring the development at faster pace than larger nations can do.We need to learn from Japan , China and USA.India needs to follow best of their practices for development.Is it not strange that we still do not know what practices will work best.

We need to keep our systems more in sync with America as it is still the center of world economies.USA will remain so for next two generations. Even after that America will remain a vital player of innovation for its characters .It is lesser likely that any more vital a nation will replace it soon.America will become more internationalised than it is now and world will become more American.It is all better for the world and man kind.

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