Saturday, December 5, 2009

How US and INDIA may remain relevent to each other.

It is clear that the saying America's business is business is losing relevance in realty unless our leaders in business and government become serious.

China is becoming fast the largest trading partner for many of our allies and trading partners.With large land mass and number of people in the country it seems natural that they will be able to larger trade with many nations.
Sad part of this equation is that All of china trade has benefited from surplus trade with us.We are still struggling to find a way to balanced trade with China and improved trade with other partners.China's trade with India when you include Hong Kong is 30 percent more than that with the US.Still minuscule in comparison to US China Trade. Which is in range of 500 billion dollars a year, and in deficit at tune of almost 300billion dollars.

For this to happen we will have to buy less from China sell more to it and bring the trade in balance.This balanced trade will give us opportunity to develop trade with other nations and again become largest trading partners with them.Many of the developing nations can benefit from trade with US as we have soft and hard technologies to help them. They need power generation ,waterworks,food technologies and other fields where us is the leader.

US trade with INDIA can be doubled in short time by selling nuclear power technology to India.India is Hungry for electric power .Any nation which provides Power generation capacity to electric starved India Will have a pivotal role in its development.Us can fulfill its mandate and sell this capacity which was the purpose of India US nuclear deal.Trade between the countries can be doubled to 80 billion from current 40 billion in five years.Us can also buy services and development systems from India for Afghanistan and help it reduce the cost of development for the projects in Afghanistan.

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