Monday, January 4, 2010

Congress membership in Panjab,

While looking at the declaration one has to make for the membership in the congress party of India,I was surprised to find some of the requirements are what they must have started with hundred or so years ago,its even possible to that it had Gandhi's influence with it.
Some of the requirements are
he/she should be habitual weaver of Khadi(certified )
he/she abstains from alcoholic drinks and intoxicant drugs
he/she subscribes to principals of secularism,socialism and democracy.Does not criticise accepted programs of the party.

Fee is rupees 3 for three years which is like 7 cents.And by paying dues it gets automatically renewed,

I wonder how many members have taken these oaths in Honesty .Would leaders resign if it is found that they have given false witness.

In America to join a political party one has only to declare that they are member of that party,its like being Hindu,one is a Hindu when one declares one is Hindu.

I would like to check the history of requirements for the membership.

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