Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dr Atul Gawande the doctor who made check lists , standard of care.

Dr Atul Gawande oncology surgeon from Harvard medical hospital and medical school has become one stop info center about the practice of medicine in America.He is a unique doctor .He is a practitioner ,researcher and writer of medical systems.I just saw one of his interviews on c-span morning call in program.One of the rare programs with non partisan and clear straight talk on medicine.

Dr Gawande has written a book where he studied and documented how check lists can improve quality and care in medicine.I think the principals can be duplicated and used in any business.

Dr Gawande clearified that costs because of malpractice insurance ammount to 3 percent whichis quite high.He also said that because of increase in healthcare nation was loosing any progress in productivity.Bad systems of delivery are costing in money and health costs to the nation . He talks in a very calm and sober language.

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