Friday, January 8, 2010

Muslim Majority countries should work at improving life of minorities.

There are sad news all over.Muslims are majority in many of the countries of the world.Most of these countries are Sunny and many have family and tribal rulers with absolute powers not imaginable in the west.Many of the Islamic majority countries when they become democratic loose their tolerant character as mullahs from the mosques threaten and manipulate people and for political and other reasons they become more rigid in the interpretation of their faith .

This week news is bad for Coptic Christians of Egypt who form 20 percent of the Egyptian population their services were disrupted and 8 Coptic died in this senseless violence.
News from Malaysian church is is equally bad .In Malaysia the fight is over the use of word Allah for god.Malaya language word for god is Allah and the Muslims want exclusive use of the word for only Muslim God and are ready to die and kill for this privilege.Minorities who are christian,Buddhist ,Hindu,many can be identified as of ethnic Chinese and Indian .Many churches have been attacked in last week and many mosques are exploiting the peoples emotions in the process harming the peace in the community. Hindu Temples have been destroyed in the past with government sanctions for frivolous of the reasons.

"We will not allow the word Allah to be inscribed in your churches," one speaker shouted into a loudspeaker at the Kampung Bahru mosque. About 50 other people carried posters reading "Heresy arises from words wrongly used" and "Allah is only for us."

"Islam is above all. Every citizen must respect that," said Ahmad Johari, who attended prayers at the National Mosque. "I hope the court will understand the feeling of the majority Muslims of Malaysia. We can fight to the death over this issue."

The Language used above negates the human right declaration in the U.N charter and make the minorities afraid and vulnerable to abuse by the majority.

Last weeks attack By Sunny on a Shia procession in Karachi reprehensible.Many Shia and Sufi shrines have been destroyed by Sunny zealots in Pakistan.Sikhs in frontier have been made to pay Jazia the protection money prescribed in Islam and even after paying their houses have been raised and have been forced to leave the country under duress.These are their ancestral lands.

Last week Bangla desh reaffirmed its secular religious character.This is reversal of the effort by military junta's of the past to make it a Islamic state.SO MAY BE ALL IS NOT LOST.

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