Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.
Last year was a tough year in many ways,I am glad it is over.Looking forward to the 2010 with the anticipation of a child on Christmas eve.

News in Providence Journal that
Forbes magazine has declared that the Ocean State’s drivers are the safest in the nation.
It made my day .In spite of our poor opinion of our own and fellow drivers ability to navigate the roads it made the point i liked .I do not care what parameters they used(i am glad they did not use our own opinion of our selves.)The conclusions are brilliant.Any body who does not agree go argue with Forbes(and good luck)

While checking Paulo Coelho Blog i found Paulo raise this question.If anybody has such a contract as follows.

We have a contract, you and I : not to win when victory is possible,” she insisted.
Have you ever made this pact?

Paulo for sure raises intriguing questions.

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