Saturday, June 26, 2010

American Dorms and lack of refrigerators,students

Any parent knows what a nuisance it is for the students to lug their bedding ,sheets pillows, lamps ,printers and small fridges and microwaves for attending these expensive schools(party Central).After having done for my two daughters at least four times a year.I HAVE SOME SUGGESTIONS.

It is about time that these dormitories came furnished with basic accessories and appliances .Cost for all those items would be no more than 120 dollars per year. Savings in aggravation alone would offset this cost.Any additional savings could be passed on to university. It would be like Standard student issue materials(same as grunts in military.

IN addition all students should be provided with water thermoses.Convenient Purified Tap water filling stations be provided in each dorm and all around the campus.

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