Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Constitution tossed on the floor of the supreme court of Pakistan.

During today’s proceeding, one of the petitioners, Shahid Orakzai, argued against the establishment of the Islamabad High Court (IHC). Petitioner made a point that as Islamabad was not a state it can not have its own high court.He further stated that appointment of supreme court justices was also not constitutional .To show his disdain for the constitution He further said he would prefer the Holy Quran over the country’s constitution if he had to make a choice between the two. He then tossed a copy of the Constitution to the floor.

THis is the position of the constitution which the Judges of the supreme court are supposed to uphold.

few months back 90 members of the Ahmadi sect were killed by some fanatics for belonging to that faith.This cold blooded murder had very little protest in the public.Not long ago Saying of Quran were chiseled from the house of worship of Ahmadi's.they can not by law call them Masjid,they can only be called meeting halls.

Pakistan is in tough shape.No law and order .Minorities have no rights just yesterday two Christians were killed by a gunman in police custody while being prepared to be presented in court on trumped up charges of Blasphemy which is punishable by death in Pakistan.No body has been punished in Pakistan on blasphemy charges.Hundreds have died in police custody or have been killed by fanatics on blasphemy rumors.State has failed to protect Christians,Sikhs,Hindus and Ahmadi's a sect of Muslims not recognised in Pakistan as muslim.

It is sad the only Nobel laureate of Pakistan was an ahmadi.After ahmadi's were declared non Muslims by state he had left Pakistan .On his death his body was buried in Pakistan and on his grave it was inscribed that he was the first Muslim Nobel Laureate ,and somebody with the sanctions of state had Muslim scrubbed from his grave stone .

If you are looking for Islam as the religion of tolerance and peace it is very very hard to find such Islam in Islamic Republic of Pakistan(land of the pure).

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