Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama bin laden is dead his body in US custody .He was evil incarnate

After 10 years America has finally killed the devil incarnate himself
Osama Bin Laden leader of Al Qaeda.

He was one of the leaders of Jihadi movement Pakistan Saudi Arabia and USA put together to end soviet occupation.This was a cold war relic.Pakistan and Saudi Arabia was able to convert Afghanistan into a Caliphate who had draconian laws implemented by uneducated Jihadists.Pakistan and Saudi Arabia continued and supported the Taliban governments of Afghanistan.They were brutal and were even part of hijackings of international flights from India costing civilian lives and got the release of long term terrorists from Indian prison.These people lived in Pakistan as state guests. Very comfortable lives.And one was responsible for murder and release of beheading video of Daniel Pearl the reporter for wall street Journal.

Pakistan has helped the terrorist groups who were helping it to keep violence going in India and keeping tensions high in Afghan border Region.Costing many American lives.Pakistan has been exploiting American need for a land route to Afghanistan and the terrorist foothold in border region for its financial exploitation of the situation.
This Kleptocracy and feudal society has totally failed to improve the life of ordinary Pakistanis in last sixty years.
Military has redirected resources provided by America towards getting more advanced nuclear weapons from the Chinese.Have tried to stale mate the American agenda by threatening alliances with China against USA.
they have threatened that they will kill the world if they did not get their way.

Their generals who have more power than the elected leaders have been belligerent and threatening to the world peace.
This death of Osama Bin Laden and taking custody of his body resets the relationships with the military. This will make it easy for general Petr us to implement US agenda in light of his taking over as CIA director.
He understands the politics and structures of powers in the region.It will be an opportunity for him to set the agenda with this changing ally who has not served its own people well.

Congratulations to the participating soldiers for work well done.Osama was the man who changed my basic thinking where my belief that all human being were redeamable was changed .He was the man who made me think that their are people so evil that they can only defined as evil.

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