Sunday, May 1, 2011

Response to on god and others

Hi Kudrat, hope you are fine. Nice to see you blogging again. I am always looking for great posts.

About GOD the religious people start with that there is god and atheist say their is no God and So both do not agree on basic rules, so both are flawed if discussing god.

We all need god and are comforted by hope of help like at test times, or when some dear one is sick, even at times taking a flight. So God serves its role well. When we see the religious people suffering and innocents suffering, one cannot accept an all powerful god is responsible for all this mess.

Even if one has no belief in God we have to believe in Soul. That is the force which separates a dead person from the living one. We can study it, understand and make the connections. We know very little about the meta physical world.

Keep searching . Ask people who have made informed and thorough search of the subject. some of the great monks have resolved problems in their own way. Some of the solutions to complex problems are much simpler than the problem. Ask one and all how they resolved conflict in mind.

Some elders who may seem simple in their methods have resolved to be so after great enquiry. I have been amazed at the thought that these people have chosen a simpler path like Bhakti as others were tedious and not fulfilling .A great Bhakt enjoys the life of devotion much more than a deep scholar of god and man relations.

I wish you well with this enquiry .It is always good to believe good family traditions. Understand them and your elders way of prayer will open path for you .It should always meet the test of good logic or and sound judgment..

I am glad you are writing again. Wish you well in this new year. In School. You will do very well.

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