Friday, November 27, 2009

On comparing indian and US civil liberties on

American civil liberties have been reduced some what,but average person has much higher protections under the law than average Indian enjoys.No preventive detention. There may be exception as internment of Japanis americans during secod world war.Even after 9/11 though process of travel has become cumbersome it is still much more open than India is.If India is able to develop decentralised system as well as America with due respect for human dignity even Today it would be improvement. After 8 years many of the rules are being challenged where people (AMERICANS)have been harassed without sufficient cause. The foreign enemy combatants do not get same protections as americans do .

Looks like KSM will get a civilian trial in New York with all protections of complex american legal system as well as presumption of innocence till proven guilty.

You might have also seen some american muslims in front of New York mosque trampling on american flag as protest against american militarism .As their right to protest.In the words(first hand)of Dr Hussaine india's former ambassador to US he said on hearing us supreme court declaring burning of american national flag as legal form of protest "I admire this nations supreme court for allowing burning of the national flag as a protest but i do not understand it."Inspite of its flaws US continues to be beacon of individual freedom.

Seems like i am token American Indian voice on the Farzana's blog.


kul bhushan

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